Miss you so much, the spring is in my heart! I call you in winter, the flowers and plants of the earth know my heart.


  How could the end of the cold shut my love for you, eager to spring scenery covered my heart. Your smile is like a song, moistens my love for you! Your figure is like a river, moistens my love. Sun sets, stars out, year after year, usher in the dawn each were shining brilliantly, and off the innumerable cloud all the evening, but remained motionless, I wait for you a winter love is!

  You are like a ray of sunshine in winter, stroking my face and heart. You wake up the sleeping earth, and make the whole world full of energy.

  The rain silently, mingled with underground, dripping on the land, to give the earth a little moist, make the earth vitality. You let leaves fully absorb the rain which nature gives.

  The birds are singing in the branches back, as if to pour out your arrival. Grass in the wind dancing to music performed by you, as if in a welcome meeting for you. Through the windblow, I saw the wonderful rain, see you in the rain. Proverb says: "Rain in spring is as precious as oil". It is no wonder that the flowers begin to bloom after the spring rain.

  Let us embrace the touching spring, put the dreams of the spring into their full lofty sentiments, and sprinkle with sweat infiltration in the spring of faith, to the autumn harvest fruitful hope!


  Spring is coming quietly by waking up everything slightly. All the creatures come back to life and start to grow. How wonderful the spring is! The rivers are running happily. The swallows are flying back from the south and singing. Meanwhile, some cute animals are busy with their new houses. And the sun shines brightly, directly to our frozen hearts. Everything is kissed by gently breeze. Listen! There are thousands of blossoms muttering with each other, giving off fragrance in the air. What colorful and harmonious scenes!

  Spring is the beginning of the year which gives us energy and uncountbale chances. As teenagers, we must take advantage of the significant opportunity to realize our dreams. And we should keep it in mind that no pains,no gains. That is to say, the more we do, the better we will be. Thomas Alva. Edison ever said, "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is just to try one more time." Under no circumstances should we give up our goals. No matter what happens, we are supposed to persist our dreams until the end of our life. In addition, we should be optimistic. Do not erase all the progress you have made due to one mistake.

  As the proverb put it, "Good beginning is half done." Please let us cherish the short spring, and make our dream come true.


  The Spring Festival is a favorite of children a day, I was no exception. On Spring Festival, I am particularly pleased that you want to know why? It is better for me to tell you it! Danian Ye because, I must personally against the write affixed to the door. I hope that you hope that you and so on and so on, until at last the day. Good morning, my mother and breakfast, began to put the couplet.

  I wrote a lot of the couplet, "day by people Zengshou years, the Spring Fu Man on earth" and "the motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people." The election which piece? Her mother said: "The days of the years by people Zengshou, the grandfather of this to be more appropriate, we have a home which you elected Grandpa to be more appropriate, we have a home where you decide the election.

  "I thought, elected on a couplet of this couplet on the Alliance are: good spring of the motherland; Xia Lian is: well-being of many people. Couplet selected, the mother began to put her in the upper right corner of the couplet , In the lower right corner, the upper left corner, a transparent plastic affixed with a lower left-hand corner. When I am in the side assistant, a short while couplet posted on it.

  Couplet looked at the site, as if I saw the prosperity of the motherland, to see if the motherland is in the spring So vibrant, but also to see if the mother's life of the people happy, they are better today for the motherland and Acura. At this moment, I can not help Recitation of this couplet from: "The motherland spring, more than the well-being of the people." Father then walked over, patted me on the shoulder and said: "You write very well, I had more than once." Listening to Dad Dad, I'm sweet, I think: this year's Spring Festival, it can be really interesting.




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  Nowadays, some students don’t help their parents do housework at home。

  Some parents love their children too much and don’t let them work at home. On one hand, they think that their children are too busy with their studies and expect them to do well in their lessons only. On the other hand, they think their children don’t know how to do the housework。

  However, I think students should help their parents do housework at home. First, that can develop their love for work. Next, that can help them understand their parents better. Last and the most important, that can help them cultivate their ability to live。


  As we all know, pollution is harmful to living beings. There are many different types of pollutions in this world. For instance, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and so on. Water pollution cause many kinds of disease that have negative effects on human beings, sometimes the diseases will take people’s life away. Dirty air will increase the rate of getting lung cancer. While the noise pollution will cause insomnia. People’s health condition will be damaged.

  In my humble opinion, people should take measures to control the pollution. Recently, not only the government, but also individual has taken part in the action of protecting the environment. This is a good sign. Rivers are being cleaned, air is purified, and the people come to realize that the importance of protecting the environment.

  However, this is not enough, the problems are still exist. Not all of them have been solved. Some factories are still pouring dirty water into the rivers or give off the toxic gas into the sky. We should know that protecting the environment needs everybody’s effort.





  参考词汇:羽毛球badminton橄榄忮olive branch接力棒baton


  competing 竞争

  Competition is a common phenomenon in our social life. We compete when we play games and when we try to do better than others in our study. There is constant competition for academic degrees, jobs, customers, money and so forth. In a sense, competition is one of the motive force to the development of society.

  In fact, the only way our world reward people is to give laurels to the winners, not to the losers. What is more, by attempting to compete at different activities, we learn to win and lose, gain experience and know our strengths and weaknesses. Competition prepares us for the tough things in life.

  To go ahead, to acquire possession, we should be competitive. To us, industriousness and ambition are positive values.

  Whether in games, in study or in business alike, the aim is to win the game, the degree, the trophy, and the contract. Learning to be competitive is clearly the best preparation for life.

  Olympics in Posters 海报奥林匹克

  There are two people in either posters, each of which tells something about Olympic spirits.


  In the first poster, two badminton players hold one gold medal together, which suggests that cooperation always comes first in Olympics. Although all the players struggles to be higher, faster, and stronger, the teamwork usually plays a very important role in a lot of events, such as football, group gymnastics and relay races.


  In the second poster, in the relay race one athlete is passing an olive branch, instead of a baton, on to the next one. What does it mean? It shows us that the Olympics mean more than just competition. Peace and friendship are also part of the Olympics!


  In short, all the events involved in Olympics are symbols of strength, competition and more importantly, cooperation and world peace.


  Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports 体育运动的好处和坏处

  Sports do us good in many respects (TS). It goes without saying that taking exercises can build up our physical strength. In collective sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, we will learn the importance of cooperation. While taking part in sports game, we will try our best to win and arouse ourselves the competitive spirit. Sports can also help us relax after a period of exhausting work. However, as the saying goes, "there are two sides to everything", and sports is without exception. We may hurt other players or ourselves if we are not careful enough when participating in sports activities. What''s more, excessive or severe training can do harm to our health.

  My participation in sports tells me that sports can make us healthy both physically and psychologically. It is also a good way for people to know each other and can promote friendship between people. So long as we are carefully enough, sports can do us nothing but good.





  Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please?

  I’m the chairman of the Students’ Union. As the New Year is around the corner(即将到来), weare going to hold a New Year party for you, which is intended to enable you tohave a better understanding of Chinese culture.

  During the party, not only canyou sing a Chinese song, but you will also compete with each other to see howskilled you are at using chopsticks. What’s more, you’ll learn at the party howto make dumplings. Sounds great. doesn’t it? The party is scheduled(计划于) in Room 101of the Teaching Building from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. next Friday.

  Please make sure you won’t miss it. Thank you for your attention.


  Can machines really think? The artificial intelligence, such as a computer that thinks like a human being is scary. Is building a machine that thinks like a human really possible? We are ever closer to building an AI that thinks like a human. When it comes to this issues, different people offer different views, some people think that machine has feelings like human beings is interesting and it may be a better server to human; while the other think it is dangerous, it may causes a revolt.


  People who approved of human feelings machine think that once robot has specific feelings, such as happy, sad, anger, they might be more humanize. For example, maybe in the future a robot nanny will replace a real human nanny, who are work more effective and without any complain. If they have real emotion, they are more perfect, and more like a company but not a cool machine.


  People who against human robot argue that once the robot is more intelligent than we think, that maybe a great tribulation to human beings. There has a potential risks that once the robot is smart enough, they may unwilling to be human’s server anymore, they may want to be legally citizens, or even worse, to be the owner of the world. It is possible because they are smart and they are stronger compare with human beings.


  It is not sure what will happen in the future, having robot to serve for human beings is a good thing, but the issue of artificial intelligence is still controversial.



  Dear Bill,

  I’m glad to receive your letter,thank you for your caring for the weather and my health.Now I’d like to tell you something about the smog.

  Since the winter last year,the smog has occurred a lot of times.it has done great harm to our daily life.many traffic accidents happened just because of the heavy smog weather,more and more people have to go to see the doctor because the serious disease caused by the smog,quite a lot of flights have to be put off,a great number of people have to stay at home for fear of the poisonous air caused by the smog.

  People have realized the great harm caused by the smog and the importance of protecting the environment.people all over the country are taking measures to reduce the smog weather.the government suggests people go to work or school with the public traffic, such as the bus and the underground.Also we should plant more trees.

  According to me, I will go to school by bike or on foot, and I won’t throw the waste anywhere.in addition, I will tell the people I meet to protect the environment as possible as they can.would you like to tell me some good ideas?i’m looking forward to your reply.

  Yours Sincerely

  LI Hua


  The spring festival is the tradition festival in China.It is the same as the christmas day in the west country,it is welcome the new year.

  It is the day that the families get together.

  The spring festival is usually in the February ,sometimes in January.In the spring festival,every family all paste the lucky inscriptions,they fire the cracker,they eat the dumplings.The day before the new year's first day is the new year's eve,same as the christmas eve,all the families get together to have the new yaar's dinner,wishes each other,talk about the wishes about the new year.Small children will receive the money given to children as a lunar new year gift.


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