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  My extracurricular life is rich and colorful. There are rope skipping, painting and singing, and some games that cannot be named. These are not what I like, but my favorite is counting fans.


  Using a tile a piece of paper on the table, on the side of the paper about a CM fold a paper edge and parallel fold, then the paper back side, using the same method in parallel with side folding and the edge of the paper, so the two sides repeatedly folded finally a direction for the middle of the pack look, with double-sided adhesive on one side of the opening of the second together, fans like about it, want to let the fans more beautiful, you can draw a picture on a piece of paper, you can also make a hole in the middle half of the installation of a small stick, the fan is more perfect, it is also more.

  I love folding fan, because the folding fan is simple and quick, hot when you can quickly make a fan for my fan.


  Today, I told my mother and a bunch of people go to the Zeya tour. We first went to the edge of my aunt Zeya reservoir home orchard picking mandarinorange, big aunt home Ougan sweet and delicious, I took a lot of.

  At noon, we went to my mother's mother's mother's home (mom said it was ARI) for lunch. After lunch, we went to the country brook with cold water feet. I put my foot in the water, feeling like in the ice and snowy feet, all ice into the bone. But when I put my foot out, I felt that my feet were warm. The feet of ice spring are also very comfortable in winter.

  When we want to go back, suddenly, "rat-a-tat"! My cousin wood wood fell into the water. Everyone hurried him up, but it was late. His shoes and trousers were wet. We hurried back.


  Today, my parents and I went to Sha Jia Bang to play.

  The Sha Jia Bang reed reed scenic area has a unique historical human and natural ecological resources. There are areas such as revolutionary traditional education area, red stone folk culture village, National Defense Education Park, military training base and so on.

  Look! As soon as I entered the door I saw a snow-white reed, and a few butterflies were dancing in the reeds from time to time. Shajiabang scenic spot of chrysanthemum color, yellow gold, powder Ru Xia, red Sihuo, white as snow...... It gave out a scent of scent.

  The wild goose in the sky is sometimes arranged as "one" word line, and sometimes it is lined up as "man". Neatly fly to the south. I asked Dad, "Dad, can this scene describe it with the word" flying the wild goose south "?" When Dad listened, she felt my cute little face and laughed and said, "it's nice, it's nice!" Listening to this sentence, my heart is more sweet than eating honey!


  It is the duty of every citizen to make the country rich and powerful (To make the country rich and strong is...). In order to accomplish this object one must be patriotic (love his country). I consider this an unchangeable truth.

  How can a student love his country (be patriotic)? I find my answer very simple and clear. He must study hard and store up knowledge so as to serve his (the) country in the future. If every student can do according to what I said, the country will certainly be rich and powerful.




  July 6th Tuesday cloudy

  Ah ha, when I get up, it was time for lunch. But I really have a lot of work to do, I must write words English dairy, then learned “Li yang” English, then …… .Oh, my god, if I do it in the afternoon, I will ready to dead. So I wrote words, now I’m writing my English dairy. Wish I could finish these works today. Bye!

  7月6号 星期二 多云



  20xx年11月14日 星期日 天气:晴

  Today is so hot and I get up was very late.I had a delicious breakfast at 9.I am a hard-working girl(boy)I read

  English book for 1 hour and do my homework carefully for 2 hours.

  After lunch ,I washed my bowl.In the afternoon,I do some shopping with my mother .In the evening,I read some poems and then watched TV.

  At 9,I went to bed.I feel very happy!





  In my dream

  Last night ,I dreamed I became a very beautiful brid。I dreamed that I was in a forest。 In tht forest,there were a lot of animals。Then,an old bird told us,we have a very beautiful forest,we should therefore protect it from pollution。All the animals agreed with him。

  But the second day,people came into our forest。Many animals were caught。The people wanted to build house and parks in our forest。Many old trees were felled。And then suddenly,nothing was left standing。

  I was so shocked and then I bursted out crying。I woke up at midnight。It was only a dream。







  20xx, July 20

  I went to summer camp on vacation. On the first day, we went to a beautiful beach. It was a sunny and hot day, so we went swimming. The water was warm and we had great fun. Then the next day, we went to the mountains. There were many trees and I really enjoyed them. On the last day, we had a great party. We sang and danced happily. We didn’t want to leave(离开) the friends and the teachers. I hope I can go to summer camp again next year.



  Last night, the little brother asked me, mother, grandfather, brother and father eat two Hot pot.

  Wow! Finally, the first dish - crisp sausage, this is the favorite dish in the hot pot I eat.

  When the crisp sausage finished, the aunts put the dishes in the hot pot, then put the red pot in a moment, and then put the white pot in a moment. It was really busy!

  I also found a dish that I had not seen before, so I asked my aunt, "aunt, what's this dish?" My aunt replied: "this is similar to the octopus children what is the child." "Oh, you know." I answered.

  Eat vegetables, then the dinner, my brother and the sweet black rice, and one point Pumpkin Congee and Fried rice with egg!

  In the end, the waiter distribute us ice cream for a few children, up to me and my brother to eat, but I just pull the stomach of a person, really bad!


  Both work and play are necessary to us;the former gives us knowledge while the latter(gives)rest.An English proverb is well said:“Work while you work play while you play.”It makes our life pleasant,efficient and successful.Work is one thing and play is another.It is of course not good to work all day long.However,it is also not good to play all day long.While you work,you should work in earnest.Then while you play,you will feel more relaxed and pleasant.That goes without saying.