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Dear Mr/Ms,

  Thank you for your letter conveying congratulations on my appointment.

  I wish also to thank you for the assistance you have given me in my work and look forward to better cooperation in the future.






  20xx年5月至6月上旬,市军分区安排我们各县市武装部长到酒泉果园乡进行培训,对我们各项业务技能进行了培训,各位指导老师站在骄阳下,以身作则,身先士卒为我们作出了榜样,鼓励我们在训练的时候要胆大心细,严格要求自己,互帮互助。市委常委、军分区司令员陈伟亲临打靶现场对我们进行指导。了解到瓜州县梁湖乡是一个新建移民乡,移民生活困难,陈伟司令员积极协调,为梁湖乡、学校、医院、武装部捐赠物资23.79万元,极大的促动了梁湖乡社会经济的快速发展。感谢酒泉军分区、瓜州县武装部各位领导的严格要求,俗话说“严师出高徒”,正是在各位领导的严格要求下,我才能够取得今天的成绩,20xx年12月1日,我被瓜州县委提名为副乡长候选人,12月18日正式当选。 再次对各位领导的辛勤培育致以衷心的感谢。




  一年的工作里由于自己的失误也曾给工作带来过不利,但是都得到了领导们的宽容对待,对此我更是要表示深深的感谢。感谢你们对我如此地宽容。同时在公司工作的这几年也得到了全体同事们的.支持理解与帮助,在此我也要一并感谢同事们的真心关照。 其实在公司工作的这一年对我来说是比较开心的一年,老板们的人性化管理,使得公司的工作气氛比较宽松,同事们在一起相处也算融洽和睦,没有很紧张的人际关系,这些都算是很好的工作气氛了,我很喜欢这样的气氛。我会常常做错事情,但是经理们会耐心的教导我们,给我们改正错误的机会,而且让我明白了很多事情。





Dear Zhangxuan:

  I am writing this letter to thank. First, I must thank the god, for letting me meet with you, my best friend throughout my life. And then, thank you very much for staying with me all the time.

  From the time we know each other, every time when I meet with troubles, you always try your best to help me. When I am sad or unhappy, you always comfort me to make me forget the sad things. And you usually share your good and happy experiences with meAll these make me delighted. Although you are in Tianjin now, I believe we still stay together.

  Because of you, I feel the life is wonderful. Meeting with you is really a good thing. At last, I have only a sentence want to sayMy dear friend, thank you.




  A Free Sample Thank You Letter for a Career/Job Fair

  3420 Last Tree Lane

  DeLand, FL 32720


  Mr. Gary Barnett

  Aerial Communications, Inc.

  3407 W. MLK Jr. Blvd.

  Tampa, FL 33607

Dear Mr. Barnett,

  Thank you for taking the time to meet with me at the Central Florida Career Fair today. I certainly appreciate your time and attention in the midst of so many students seeking jobs.

  You were extremely thorough in explaining Aerial's customer service and marketing trainee program. Now that I have a better idea of what the position entails, I am even more sure that I would be an asset to your team and to Aerial.

  My solid education from Stetson University's Marketing Department and the fact that I have worked my way through college show a work ethic and determination, two qualities you said were important to success at Aerial.

  I look forward to an opportunity to visit Aerial's Tampa office and speak to you further about the trainee program. I will contact you next week to arrange an appointment.

  Thank you again for your time and consideration.


  Rebecca Leddyfern


dear mr. yu/ president,

  (p1) with great honor, i would like to extend to you my most heartfelt thanks for your hospitality at your reception party on (exact and clear information about the occasion).

  (p2) (why do you thank him for what) it was a greattime as….., and what impressed me most during the party is your excellent organization and team work, which ….. i feel ….

  (p3) (congratulations) i would like, with equal honor,to express/give our most sincere congratulations to your company. (why they deserve the congratulations) from the party, in which you have shown greatability in organization and team work and client services, every one of us have envisioned a great future of your company. we are convinced that you will become a significant player in the market and will be great help/partner for us.

  (p4) (request for action/good wish for future relationship) so we hope/are curious/are eager to …. /we are looking forward with strong eagerness to the day when … we achieve mutual se feel free to contact us for any need, don’t hesitate to tell us when there is any service we can offer.

  yours faithful



  jackie lee

  marketing manager

  shanghai wordtronics translation & consulting co.,ltd.


Dear John,

  I am writing to thank you for looking after me after that unfortunate accident the other day, when I was knocked off my bike by a taxi. If it had not been for your assistance in giving me first aid and taking me to a nearby hospital, I fear that the consequences might have been much more serious

  Dear staff,

  I am writing to show my sincere gratitude for all of you. Now that I am home and on my own again I feel extremely happy. During the time I lived at the Rehabilitation center and was under your tender care, I promised myself I would write a letter of thanks as soon as I was able.

  Abundant thanks to each one of you for your patience, expertise and genuine concern. It was you who helped me believe in myself and gave me assurance that I could walk again. I would never forget each word you said to me and the things you have done to me. Forgive me for the times I lashed out at you in frustration and thank you for understanding and remaining firm with me.

  Never stop your beautiful way of working with people. Your help really means a lot to me and anyone who in trouble as well.


  Wang Fang


Dear Prof. Herthwell,

  Many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor you showed me during our delegation’s recent visit to your university. It was nice of you to introduce me to so many of your famous professors and celebrated scholars at your university. We had a safe and sound trip home. Now we have resumed our work.

  Meanwhile, I hope you will someday pay a short visit to our university and give us some lectures on “Modern Western Economics”.

  Please have no hesitation in writing to me if you want me to do something for you in China.

  With best wishes.

  Sincerely yours,

  Li Dong


  Dear my friend,

  It is great to have you in my life for helping me both in my study and in my personal affairs. I have to say thank you from the bottom of my mind. You were so nice to me and so helpful that I could not even overcome any of the difficulties that I have encountered without the assistance from you. Please accept my sincere appreciation for what you have done and I will definitely cherish the friendship we have.

  Wish you all the best.